In a volatile, unpredictable and complicated world, businesses need to find ways to become fast moving, resilient and capable of rapid response to new challenges and opportunities - bottom-up and top-down. Agile businesses know how to build a culture of speed, change and innovation to achieve competitive advantage. They build sustained performance on principles of diffused authority, a focus on people, trust-based relationships and creativity.

Our unique solution set combines methods from focused strategy execution, experiential learning, the arts, decision science, innovation and culture change to grow a culture of agility.

Agility has become shorthand for describing the capacity of future-proof organisations to navigate and thrive in a complex and fast-changing world. Agility is easy to describe, but hard to achieve. It requires a departure from hierarchy and control as the dominant organisation principle and instead embraces the non-linear behaviour of complex, self-organizing systems, allowing for the open process of innovation and emergent learning.

Agility opens the way to adaptability, resilience and sustained performance.

Our Solution Centre offers a flexible range of solutions to enable you to experience and grow the agility of teams or an entire organization.

Agility Experience
(2-3 day workshop)

How to grow agile teams and managers

Understand and experience the basic elements of agility

For many managers agility marks a departure from conventional management wisdom. Leading agile teams requires you to let go of old success models and cultivate a new mind-set, new management behaviours and skills. Research shows that managers themselves are the biggest barrier to introducing agile business practices.

This experience for managers is designed to create awareness and provide first hand experience of agility.

A specific focus is given to exploring the agile mind-set, the pre-conditions and the process of innovation. It also outlines the changing role of managers in leading agile teams.

This hands-on workshop experience draws on a wide range of disciplines combining business with artistic methodology and co-creation.

Deep Dive

A multi-step, real-life team-intervention to find your agile way

Working with our 'Consultant in Residence' and our wider expert team, we take a group/department or business unit through an agile process to discover and (over time) embed their own agile way.

Based on sound analysis, up-front contracting (with the respective unit, business head/stakeholders) and appropriate project set-up, the team will explore all dimensions of agility in context of their real-life environment. With guidance, targeted interventions, coaching and expert input from different fields (arts, business, science and research) they will learn how to become agile in their existing roles. The agile deep dive will leave the team with a sustainable capacity to operate and solve problems in an agile way.

Game changer

The agile gamer changer is a long term transformation programme combining accelerated strategy execution and top-down culture change with bottom-up agility practices.

Building an agile business is an agile process in itself. It usually spans a number of years and touches the whole organization. Game changer projects are as unique as your business and strategy. They require strong line-leadership, starting at the top. Following our framework and methodology for agile business change they combine the hard side of business transformation with the soft side of change. The specific focus is on creating a systemic capacity to accelerate strategy execution across the business while building a bottom-up culture of flexible, adaptive teams, able to innovate and increase responsiveness to clients and market needs. Talk to our agile business team about achieving strategy execution and culture change through increased business agility.

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Martin is an outstanding creative advisor, artist practitioner and facilitator. He is also a director at Spinach, an international qualitative market research agency focused on helping companies understand their customer needs and behaviours. His passion for performance has driven his unquestionable success over the past 25 years as a director, performer and artist involved with a variety of live, visual and performing arts projects.



Martin has co-founded and directed touring performance companies and lectured on “the creative process” at a number of universities and colleges. At Better Business he applies his background in the arts to help leaders and teams find a new, creative way of working, fostering experiential learning and the co-creative mind-set/ skill-set for innovation. He has integrated this performance and arts practice into extensive corporate projects for many different companies, including Unilever, Pfizer, BBC, PwC, Aviva, Deloitte and Prudential.

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