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Next Generation HR is embedded in the business by facilitating strategic renewal, implementation and optimization through learning. We call this Better Learning.

Better Learning combines individual and organisational development to achieve business results. Explore the many ways in which Better Learning solutions can help elevate the impact of new or existing executive development programmes, Learning initiatives or the entire Learning function.

Better Learning is a core building block to establishing a Next Generation HR capability. It provides new ways of application-based learning for improved impact and agility. Better Learning Solutions are line-led, issues-based and output focused, creating a powerful combination of world-class subject matter expertise, innovative programme design and business application methodology.

They are embedded into the business strategy process and integrate individual and organisational learning and change.

Our clients use different levels of Better Learning Solutions to achieve their objectives.

Business School

Improve the business impact of your existing Business School Programmes.

Many companies use traditional Business School Programmes to develop their senior executives. Increasingly companies find these programmes fall short of expectations in delivering real  change and organisational impact.

Our Business School Booster Programmes do just that. They boost the impact and relevance of your existing Business School Programmes by connecting the academic content to your specific business agenda, ensuring application of content by participants to individual needs and business challenges. This can include 3 phases:

  • Pre-programme work
  • Interaction during classroom delivery
  • Post-programme application

This involves close co-operation with your learning team and the respective Business School to guarantee seamless delivery.

The outcome is an improved return on learning through real change.

Better Learning Programmes

Designing and delivering a new bread of executive development programmes for business impact

Better Learning Programmes are unique, reflecting your specific objectives, business agenda and organisational context. Our experts will work with you to co-create powerful learning solutions from beginning to end - from business analysis to design and delivery - right through to embedding the new capabilities and measuring their business impact.

Better Learning Programmes are line-led and embedded into the heart of critical business initiatives. They are carefully designed learning deep dives, providing participants with a rich and relevant learning eco-system, integrating different learning places and layers of learning for improved performance on the job.


Regenerating Learning/OD for Innovation and strategic value.

Transforming Learning is a Better Learning solution for companies that want to re-direct the portfolio, value proposition and business impact of the whole Learning function.

It aims to re-position the Learning function as a key enabler of organisational transformation and agility. Transforming Learning includes:

  1. Understanding business and HR strategy and current capability of the Learning function
  2. Development of a better learning strategy
  3. Alignment of learning structures, competencies, providers, resources and processes with new strategy
  4. Implementation of new mandate and set up of Learning function, including interaction with the business
  5. HR culture change
  6. Development of new portfolio of services and programmes
  7. Set up and activate measurement and feedback system

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Ralf is the founder and Managing Director of Better Business. With a business background he has spent more than two decades in leadership roles as a Partner and Senior Executive in the global professional and financial services industries. As a thought leader he has been contributing to the development and practice of Responsible Leadership as a new mode of leadership for Next Generation business.



He has spearheaded award-winning talent and leadership initiatives linked to building leading global industry brands. As the Chairman of the International Consortium for Executive Development and Research (ICEDR) and a Founding Board Member of the European Corporate Learning Forum Ralf takes an active interest in the development of the HR profession and is frequent contributor at international conferences and corporate leadership events in Europe, Asia and the US.

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