Culture Review and Change

This Solution Centre helps you to shape and implement effective culture change for either of the two following scenarios:

  • Company-wide Culture Change
  • Culture Health Check

Both are based on a sound cultural audit methodology that will help you understand your specific cultural levers and risks.

Culture is critical to business success. Peter Drucker is quoted to have said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast". Research shows that indeed culture is a key driver of business performance and in some cases can 'become' the strategy.

Cultural transformation is unlikely to happen all at once and does not follow a pre-defined or uniform path. Leadership teams need to develop their unique and specific plan for cultural transformation and adapt it as it unfolds.

Cultural transformation is about changing the values, beliefs and behavioural norms of the way business is done.

It is also about winning people's hearts and minds.

Whether you are looking to drive wholesale culture change initiatives or improve the success of business transformation projects, talk to our culture change team to find out how.

Culture Change

When business priorities, business models or strategies have changed it is important to define the target culture required to achieve the desired business outcomes. Culture change is not for the faint-hearted. However, it often is an essential component of successful strategy implementation. It requires strong line-leadership and a systematic approach to changing attitudes and behaviours. Changing processes and systems is not enough. We help you pinpoint the gaps and define an effective path to large scale culture change, working with you to:

  • Define the new culture based on business strategy
  • Understand what needs to change in the current culture
  • Pinpoint the gaps in key client interactions
  • Design and deliver your specific roadmap to culture change
  • Build effective change leadership and metrics

Culture health check

Many business transformation and change programmes underestimate the importance of managing the cultural dimension of the change initiative. This is why so many of them fail. A detailed change plan, cascade of communication and training of staff is not sufficient. Based on our change framework we help you check if your change programme is addressing cultural change risk by:

  • Understanding the cultural readiness of your business change initiative
  • Identifying specific culture change gaps and risks
  • Strengthening the capacity for cultural change as part of your ongoing transformation programme

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Ralf is the founder and Managing Director of Better Business. With a business background he has spent more than two decades in leadership roles as a Partner and Senior Executive in the global professional and financial services industries. As a thought leader he has been contributing to the development and practice of Responsible Leadership as a new mode of leadership for Next Generation business.



He has spearheaded award-winning talent and leadership initiatives linked to building leading global industry brands. As the Chairman of the International Consortium for Executive Development and Research (ICEDR) and a Founding Board Member of the European Corporate Learning Forum Ralf takes an active interest in the development of the HR profession and is frequent contributor at international conferences and corporate leadership events in Europe, Asia and the US.


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