What makes you different?

Explore the core of your unique leadership brand and define the required leadership culture and capabilities to deliver your business strategy.

A strong leadership brand is a key stepping stone to delivering your business vision and brand promise to your clients and stakeholders. Getting your leadership brand right is business-critical. 

Our leadership brand solutions will help you define and build a differentiated leadership capability, embedded in your business brand. We start with the question “What makes you different?”

Engage the

  • Build a compelling business case for leadership
  • Make it business-led

the Case

  • Identify your unique leadership culture
  • Agree and describe what leaders must do and how they are expected to behave in your business
  • Define leadership 'moments of truth' in client service and people leadership

Assess the Leadership Gap

  • Review leadership practices and capabilities
  • Assess individual leaders
  • Identify investment opportunities

Lead Your Leadership Brand

  • Define and launch tailored leadership brand initiatives
  • Ongoing brand measurement
  • Build leadership brand reputation

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Ralf is the founder and Managing Director of Better Business. With a business background he has spent more than two decades in leadership roles as a Partner and Senior Executive in the global professional and financial services industries. As a thought leader he has been contributing to the development and practice of Responsible Leadership as a new mode of leadership for Next Generation business.


EMAIL: connect@betterbusinesspartners.biz

He has spearheaded award-winning talent and leadership initiatives linked to building leading global industry brands. As the Chairman of the International Consortium for Executive Development and Research (ICEDR) and a Founding Board Member of the European Corporate Learning Forum Ralf takes an active interest in the development of the HR profession and is frequent contributor at international conferences and corporate leadership events in Europe, Asia and the US.


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