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Complex business problems need new ways of problem solving. Siloed approaches, expert panels and linear decision processes strapped into traditional governance models often fail to deliver sustainable solutions.

Better Businesses use new and holistic ways to solve problems and create new products, processes and services from stakeholder dialogue. We apply artistic processes and principles of film-making in Open Solution Spaces to find simplicity in complexity, clarity in confusion and unity of action across divergent views, hierarchical levels and cultural boundaries.
Open Solution Spaces use shared visual platforms to bring transparency, understanding, new insight and co-ownership to real-life problem solving, delivering new, unexpected solutions to hard business issues.

Open Solution Spaces provide a platform and safe space for co-creation, innovation and problem-solving. Each space applies artistic methodology and inclusive, non-linear dialogue for guided exploration and creation of novel solutions.

Even challenging problems, involving high stakes, time and cost pressure or a large number of divergent views and people, can be moved forward with concrete results.

Product Development Space

Apply strategies that artists and inventors use when they create the 'New'

Artistic visualization as a creative and effective process for product development

Creating an image pattern on a shared visual work surface through continuous dialogue and co-creation with users, decision-makers, stakeholders, experts and clients. The process steps include:

  • Definition of objectives, context, purpose
  • Identification of stakeholder needs
  • Clear and real requirements for new product or service

The shared space creates a visualized, real-time view of the emerging new product or service in a process of co-creation.


Imagine you could walk through your company's brain and memory

You see different thoughts visualized in an order and relationship that make sense to you. You understand different concerns and key experiences, connected to know-how, best practices, failures, hopes, successes and visions. This is the space of the corporate brain.

We visualize important elements in a knowledge space. We build the evolving structure by drawing the most important knowledge elements in real-time (through conversations) with internal experts, key drivers and knowledge 'nodes' in the company. This can be realized at different levels, focusing on selected perspectives and with different degrees of information.

The resulting knowledge space opens a wide range of possibilities. The corporate brain becomes the space, context and foundation from which to develop and launch new projects, initiatives, products or strategies. It connects past, present and future and anchors the creative flow of the 'New' in the existing context and strengths of the company.


Open Solution Spaces provide an innovative and economical way to make difficult and complex decisions, particularly when many stakeholders are involved.

One example is the allocation of limited budgets to projects and initiatives across a business. If cost pressure and budget cuts occur, how are we going to re-adjust the project landscape to budget from a strategic point of view?

Often, traditional top-down governance or bottom–up escalation models don’t deliver the best results. Decision-making spaces provide a new, creative and collaborative way to find the best solution and implement with commitment.

We create a space which visualizes each project and initiative with the relevant key points.

In a real space with all project images, stakeholders classify them by strategic priority to see the whole, create new insight and facilitate a fast and effective budget allocation. Often clients maintain this process and decision-making space as a new decision-making practice.

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Hans-Juergen is a thought leader in co-creative practice and multi-stakeholder dialogue using visual platforms and artistic processes. He invented the profession of Dialogarchitect® applying his multi-disciplinary background as artist, architect, TV producer, human ecology expert, author and business facilitator. Hans-Juergen lectured for about 10 years on “artistic prototyping” at several universities and colleges.



Over more than 20 years Hans-Juergen has worked with clients using the strategies of artists, inventors and filmmakers to develop novel solutions in industry, politics and society. Example clients include: Daimler, Lufthansa, PwC, Siemens, Oracle, BASF, Allianz, the South African Government, the European Commission, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Finance.

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