Partner and Talent Development

  • Partner Development solutions
  • Next Generation selection and Development
  • Top team and client team coaching
  • Sustaining individual Partner performance and well-being

We believe the long-term success of a partnership largely depends on the quality of the current partners and the strength of the talent pipeline that will make up the next generation. In the client-focused, competitive environment of a professional service firm this quality does not evolve by itself. It needs thoughtful, focused and continuous work to strengthen and regenerate the partnership in line with its business aspirations.

The best firms systematically and continuously invest in building this capacity throughout the Partnership lifecycle. They have a clear understanding of how to grow and select their Next Generation talent to reinforce and renew the Partnership.

Our solution centre offers a full spectrum of services to help you build your success formula for Partner and Talent Development.


In our experience most partner careers include 3 phases, usually spanning 10-15 years across a partner lifecycle:
Step 1 – Member
Step 2 – Contributor
Step 3 – Ambassador
Each of these phases comes with a different set of demands and capabilities requiring the partner to re-invent themselves and grow as a leader, a manager, a client relationship partner or thought leader.  
Our tailored solutions provide the development support required throughout this journey.

Leadership Academy
An integrated leadership curriculum or individual leadership programmes for professional services firms based on the 2B Responsible Leadership framework and the RARE model.

Client Academy
A portfolio of partner programmes designed to build lasting client relationships and develop business with impact.

Next Generation Development

The admission to the partnership is a defining moment for both the individual professional and the partnership. It is the culmination of many years of hard work. It also is a long-term mutual commitment that needs to be prepared and managed carefully to avoid disappointment. For the professional this starts with the realisation that partnership is not a destination, but a beginning. For the firm it is important to understand its responsibility in defining a clear partner proposition and to take an active role in supporting candidates through the demanding process of partner admission. Our solution centre provides a set of integrated solutions to determine your next generation strategy. It comprises

  • Assessment centres and partner admission processes
  • Key talent programmes for directors and senior managers
  • Talent mapping down to manager level
  • New partner development programme (delivering the business case)
  • Coaching and individual preparation

Top Team and
Client Team Development

While skills and performance of individual partners are the core building blocks for success, the most meaningful work in partnerships is teamwork. Whether at the Top Team level, practice leadership teams or client services teams, competitive edge is a result of forming a high-performing team.

We have many years of experience in facilitating and developing successful Leadership Teams and Client Service Teams in Professional Service firms.

Sustaining Partner Performance and Well-Being

Our experts have extensive experience of working with partners across a wide spectrum of Professional Service firms and cultures.

We provide Individual interventions designed to help partners reflect and actively manage their careers, overcome performance blockers and find the energy and balance for sustained performance.

Interventions include:

  • Coaching for results
  • Coaching at transition points
  • Partner development workshops
  • Becoming an Ambassador
  • Partner well-being and sustained performance

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Solution Centre


Mario is a senior OD expert and executive coach. After a career in the global IT industry, he has spent 20 years as an international consultant helping senior leaders improve their business performance through people.



His specific focus is on Professional Services firms. He has worked with hundreds of partners in major firms to develop high impact programmes for client teams and key talent at international level, including the Middle East.

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