Building a winning partnership is
an art, not a science

Winning Partnerships

Partnerships are different from corporate structures. In many ways they represent a Next Generation model of business. They are networked knowledge organisations. Their entire value resides in the people who work there. Each partnership is different and so are the individual partners and people within them. 

Individual partners are the essential drivers of the firm's success. Together they shape and represent the culture of the firm.  The partnership culture in turn drives performance.  Senior partners who lead professional service firms know, that it is at the core of their role to maintain and evolve a winning partnership culture. 

As market conditions change, partnerships grow, new strategies unfold and a Next Generation of partners join the partnership, the partnership culture needs to regenerate while contributing to a differentiated client experience and people brand that attracts and retains talent.

Our Professional Services Practice provides a comprehensive set of tailored solutions to assist you in:

  • Strengthening or regenerating the partnership spirit
  • Aligning performance and partner income for results
  • Developing the capabilities of individual partners, partner groups and teams
  • Building a strong talent pipeline


Solution Centre


Partner & Talent Development

Partner & Talent Development
  • Partner Development solutions
  • Next Generation selection and Development
  • Top team and client team coaching
  • Sustaining individual Partner performance and well-being
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Partnership DNA

Partnership DNA
  • Regenerate and build a winning partnership spirit
  • Build a compelling partner proposition
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Partner Performance & Income

Partner Performance & Income
  • Define and measure performance
  • Align partner income for performance
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