Top Team Development and Coaching

Enable teams and individual leaders to explore their purpose and strengths, overcome blockers and achieve superior results.

Top Teams, Leadership Teams and Individual Executives play a key part in building and delivering your leadership culture every day.

This solution centre is focused on helping Leadership Teams, Senior Executives and Top Talent to be effective in their role whilst delivering on your leadership brand promise.

Top Team Facilitation/ Coaching

The effectiveness of the Top Team plays a key role in achieving business objectives.  Whether setting or implementing strategy, driving change or role modelling culture, everything starts with setting the right tone at the top.

Top Teams are faced with many challenges, huge pressures and often conflicting forces that keep them from giving enough focus to their effectiveness as a cohesive leadership team. 

Our senior experts help Top Teams to:

  • Understand the blockers and patterns that get in the way of effectiveness (shared agenda, behaviours, team processes, etc.)
  • Craft a solution that enables them to move forward and deliver their business agenda with impact
  • Build a capability to sustain and regenerate as an effective leadership team. This may include on-the-job team facilitation, individual coaching and other case-specific leadership team interventions

Leadership Team Development

Leadership teams at all levels are facing continuous pressure to perform and to regenerate themselves in the light of constant change. 

Growing an effective leadership team is a key responsibility of the team leader. Our experts work with leaders and their teams to:

  • Capture and commit to a shared agenda
  • Review and improve how the team operates
  • Define and grow a culture for improved team performance based on sound analytics


Our solutions provide a powerful way to address talent development objectives or enable individuals to achieve performance/transition goals.

Our global network of senior coaches bring extensive business experience to coaching at executive level. 

Coaching support includes:

  • Leadership Coaching – preparing your key talent for future leadership roles
  • Transition Coaching – supporting executives through phases of change

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Hermann is a Senior Executive Coach and Business Psychologist. Following two decades in corporate roles he now specializes in developing senior leaders and teams as an Executive Coach. Working with CEOs, business unit leaders and their teams his hands-on coaching approach strives to improve business impact and develop Next Generation leaders.



Hermann has designed and delivered many global large-scale leadership programmes, often working in collaboration with Business Schools like Harvard and IMD, and managed teams of coaches as a lead facilitator for clients around the globe.

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