Values Review and Implementation

Increasingly Boards, CEOs and Risk Officers are concerned with the question of how well business values and principles are embedded into day-to–day business practice.

Companies are looking to find an effective way to implement or strengthen their values.  Our Values Solution Centre will help you find the right answer.

There are few organisations that have not first identified their core values or guiding principles in order to define their core beliefs and determine how people should behave as part of their community.

Values are aspirational and help to guide behaviour and actions, they define who we want to be.

However, even though they form the core of culture, brand and reputation, organisational reality shows that values often don’t travel beyond posters, mugs and PowerPoint slides.

In the long-term values and value are inextricably linked. Most commercial organizations are skilled at managing value.

Talk to our solution centre team to learn more about generating long-term value through values.

Values Review

An increasing number of Boards are concerned about the true status of value-based decision-making and behaviours in their organisation. Examples like ENRON, LIBOR-rigging in the Financial Services industry or VW's diesel-engine scandal are just a few examples that Values are on posters, but not embedded into the day-to-day operations. Compliance training, rules-based manuals, whistle-blowing policies or surveys etc. are not incorporating the true status of values and associated business risk. Based on our framework and set of analytical tools we help you to:

  • Understand the status of values implementation
  • Identify specific gaps in critical client and business interactions
  • Ensure ongoing measurement and re-alignment

Values Implementation

Once business values are defined the challenge is to bring them to life and make them meaningful for each member of the organisation. A communication roll-out is just a start. Values need to be embedded into daily decision-making and interactions with clients and people. The alignment of values drives culture and culture drives performance.

We help you to:

  • Understand the key levers of values implementation in your business
  • Operationalize and embed values in key client interactions
  • Align core processes and systems with values (e.g. leadership development)
  • Ensure ongoing measurement and re-alignment

Contact Our Head of
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Thomas is known for his expertise in Sustainability, Integrity, Governance, and Compliance working with large multinational businesses across a diversity of sectors.

Thomas is member of advisor bodies for Cornerstone Caiptal, sosense, the Social Value and Intangibles Review SVIR, and Chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for Corporate Reporting.




He is also in the faculty of CEIBS, the Chinese European International Business School, teaching Responsible Leadership in the global Executive MBA program.

From 1995-2012, Thomas helped build PwC’s industry-leading sustainability practice, of which he was the Global Managing Partner for several years.


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