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Better Business is an international boutique consulting firm dedicated to Next Generation business.  Next Generation businesses are sustainably effective. They are agile in executing strategy and adjusting their organisational set up and leadership culture to achieve profitability, social impact and environmental health.  We work with senior leaders, line managers and the HR function to improve their business impact by:

  • giving strategy meaning
  • mobilize the organization for strategy execution
  • build a purpose-driven leadership culture and
  • embed the agile behaviours, capabilities and working practices

required to achieve sustained performance and lasting stakeholder value.

We are known for combining the hard (strategy, structure, process, quantitative analysis) with the soft drivers of business performance (culture, behaviour, leadership and agility).

We go beyond conventional consulting practice by integrating models and methodology from multiple disciplines, such as Strategy, Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Innovation, Philosophy, the Arts, Health Sciences, Organisation Design and Learning.



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