The Future of Leadership Learning

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What type of leadership is required in an VUCA* world?

Our current world needs a different type of leadership.  We believe there is a new form of leadership emerging.  'Responsible Leadership' - creating connectivity and conection with stakeholders at a deeper level.

What elements are required to develop these type of leaders?  Watch this video for our insights:

We have been addressing question this through our Action Research & Consulting over the past 15 years:

  • What is the right leadership model for the 21st Century and VUCA world?
  • How should next generation leaders be developed?
  • What needs to be learnt?
  • How do you teach the unteachable?

We believe there are several key compontents to developong these type of leaders that are important.  Our next podcast webinar will share with you some of those key elements that develop the right leadership going forward . . .

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