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Better Business Compass provides a robust framework and process to crystallize and connect your purpose, vision and values with your strategic priorities and required leadership behaviours.

The resulting clarity and alignment at the top is the first step to creating a culture of enduring performance.

Increasingly Boards, CEOs and financial investors are focused on building purpose-driven businesses - not just for risk and compliance purposes, but with a long-term commercial view to enhancing business performance in a changing environment.

As a consequence of corporate scandals and failure, trust in business leaders is at an all time low. Public and political pressure on business conduct is mounting. Regulators impose ever bigger fines and higher market barriers on companies to enforce legal and ethical standards. At the same time employees are looking for more opportunities to make a meaningful contribution through their work and choose employers based on their values and brands.

Similarly, customers are following more responsible consumption patterns and basing their brand loyalty on trust beyond product performance.

Latest research on high performance organisations shows that purpose-driven companies produce materially higher returns in terms of market capitalization, building brand value while mitigating reputational risk.

Better Business Compass will help you capture this value. Following a rigorous process you will explore, capture, connect and communicate the essence of your business purpose and brand experience by aligning values, strategic priorities and required leadership culture for performance.

Explore and Crystallize Purpose and Values

This inclusive process (top-down and bottom–up, inside-out and outside-in) is tailored to capture the unique identity of your organisation at 2 levels:

  • Purpose - Bring focus and clarity to your 'raison d’être'
  • Values - Crystallize and validate who you are as an organisation - demonstrated when you operate at your best.

Define Vision and Strategic Priorities

Our robust leadership process helps you to consolidate values, validate where you want to go (Vision) and commit to how you will get there (Strategic Priorities).

Using our Open Space Methodology this leadership process is designed to chart the course and commit to achieving your vision and strategic business priorities.

Connect Strategy and Leadership Brand

With clarity of direction this collaborative process will involve your people and clients in translating the new brand promise into specific behaviours and the desired leadership culture.

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Ralf is the founder and Managing Director of Better Business. With a business background he has spent more than two decades in leadership roles as a Partner and Senior Executive in the global professional and financial services industries. As a thought leader he has been contributing to the development and practice of Responsible Leadership as a new mode of leadership for Next Generation business.



He has spearheaded award-winning talent and leadership initiatives linked to building leading global industry brands. As the Chairman of the International Consortium for Executive Development and Research (ICEDR) and a Founding Board Member of the European Corporate Learning Forum Ralf takes an active interest in the development of the HR profession and is frequent contributor at international conferences and corporate leadership events in Europe, Asia and the US.


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