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Traditional engagement practices are maturing. Next Generation HR functions are looking for ways to improve their engagement practices and actively drive engagement linked to business performance.

Better Engagement provides a fast and flexible solution to measure and build engagement at individual and organisational level.

Find out how Better Engagement can take your engagement practice to the next level and make it a stepping stone to Next Generation HR value creation.

Better Engagement provides the agile technology, process and consulting expertise to take your engagement practice to the next level. Rather than purely measuring externally-benchmarked engagement index results our tailored solutions will help you build engagement and drive performance as defined by your business strategy.
Whether you just want to improve current functionality and ease of process, or make a bolder move towards a business-led engagement practice, our Better Engagement team will help you define and deliver the engagement solution that best meets your objectives.


Understand your options and make the right choices on engagement concepts, tools and practices to support business- and HR-strategy.

Our engagement strategy solutions provide a menu of services to choose from or to combine:

1. Engagement Health Check

Assessment of existing engagement practices against organisational context and best practices with recommendations for improvement

2. Engagement Vision

A series of workshops and analysis to help define a business-led view on needs and requirements for your future engagement strategy and a roadmap to build it.

3. Engagement Strategy

Define the 'what' and 'how' of implementing your Next Generation engagement practice. This includes vendor/technology selections and RFP support.


Our Next Generation engagement solution provides a comprehensive and flexible approach to building engagement in your business and can replace your current people survey.

Increasingly, externally benchmarked Engagement Index figures or pulse surveys are seen to have limited business relevance and impact.

Better Engagement solutions are built on a new paradigm. They provide new technology, process and insight to enhance business impact. They are designed to build engagement in your business. This is achieved by linking engagement measures to individual needs and your specific business strategy, providing specific and actionable insight into how to improve business performance.

Talk to our Better Engagement specialists to find out how your engagement practice can become an engine for improved individual engagement and collective performance in service of your business strategy.

Engagement Impact Consulting

Identify company specific performance drivers and follow through on aligning processes, systems and behaviours with bottom-line impact.

Our Better Engagement team applies Engagement Driver results and further analysis to help draw long-term value from the engagement survey. Solutions include re-alignment of your most relevant processes and policies based on data. This often extends to culture and leadership work at individual, team or organisational level.

Talk to our Better Engagement team to find out how to improve the impact of follow-up actions to engagement reports.

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Isobel is a Senior OD practitioner with a focus on Next Generation engagement practices. As a consultant she has worked across a range of industry sectors globally, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, professional services, construction, agribusiness, FMCG and NGOs.


Her professional experience as an OD leader and global HR professional is focused on driving high performance and improved strategy execution through engagement and transformation of HR capabilities for strategic impact.


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